MR16 LED lamps is one of the most common indoor lighting products. MR stands for multifaceted reflector, which is controls the direction and spread of light cast from a MR16 lamp.MR lamps have many facets within the housing that have a reflective covering of either aluminium or a dichroic coating. These facets gather the light from the bulb to provide a controlled, directed beam of light.

DGT LIGHTING CO.,LTD as a professional and experienced MR16 led lights manufacturer in China, we have about more than 10 years history for producing LED MR16 lamps. We have many kind of LED MR16 lamps, include LED MR16 spotlights, dimmable LED MR16 spotlights, LED GU10 lamps and LED Gu5.3 lamps, etc.

DGT LIGHTING LED MR16 lamps power range is from 5W to 14W. There are optional narrow/middle/wide beam angles. More, our LED MR16 lights warranty is from 2 to 5 years. The CRI of lamps can be made as high as CRI97. LED MR16 is a great product to replace halogen MR16 lamps. Because of the great quality of MR16 lamps, DGT’s products are sold to as many as 30 countries.

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What is MR16 Lamps?

LED MR16 lamp is one of the most common lamps. “MR” stands for multifaceted reflector, which is controls the direction and spread of light cast from a MR16 lamp. “16” means the diameter of the lamps. Every MR16 lamp has the same diameter 50mm, so this is the reason why LED MR16 lamps can replace halogen MR16 lamps because they have the same size to match the MR16 fittings.

Are MR16 Lights Being Phased Out?

On September 2016, PAR16 (ES50 GU10/E27), PAR20 (ES63 GU10/E27), PAR30, PAR38 R50, R63, R80, R90 and ES111 mains‐voltage Halogen lamps and low‐voltage directional Halogen lamps being phased out are MR11, AR111 and MR16 which don’t comply to the new EU legislative requirements will not be placed on the EU market any longer.

About LED MR16 lamps, they have much higher efficiency and longer life than halogen MR16 lamps, so the products are widely applied around the world. LED MR16 lights can save more than 80% energy than halogen MR16 lights. Also, the life-span of LED MR16 is about 30,000 hours. The life-span of halogen MR16 lamps is about 3,000-6,000 hours. Life-span of LED MR16 is 6 to 10 times longer than halogen lamps.

Many governments release policies to encourage people to use LED MR16 lamps instead of halogen MR16 because they are more energy saving and environmentally-friendly. For example,  UK government wants LED light bulbs to account for at least 85% of all bulbs sold by 2030. Currently, LED light bulbs account for 60-70%. More, Fluorescent lights will be banned from sale in the UK, this policy will not begin until 2023.

Do MR16 LED Bulbs Get Hot?

Yes, MR16 LED bulbs will get hot when they are working. However, a qualified LED MR16  lamps will not get very hot.

Comparing LED MR16 lights with halogen lights, the temperature of MR16 LED lights is much lower than halogen lights. A halogen light can get as hot as 260°C (500℉). This is very dangerous temperature, which can badly hurt people when touching it without protection.

LED chip is able to convert electricity to more lights and lower heat, also LED chip cannot stand high temperature, so the temperature of a qualified LED lamp is about 60-70°C (140-158℉)or lower. This temperature neither easily damage people nor ignite surround materials

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